HDPE provides a full line of valves, compression fittings and tapping to meet the most stringent design and field requirements.

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Butt Fusion Ball Valve

The valve body is constructed using PVC and includes stem, ball, nut and handle. Ball valve uses Teflon seats and incorporates HDPE end assemblies to allow for butt fusion installation. Sizes available (3/4” – 8”)

Compression Fittings

IPS and CTS compression fittings from FLOPLAST include Couplers, Elbows, Tees, Ball Valves, Corporation Stops, Reducing Couplings, and Curb Stops. Sizes available up to 4”.

Fuse-A-Corp Tappings

This ball-valve unit eliminates the erodible metal tapping-saddle on HDPE pipe. It becomes part of the water main itself via heat-fusion. Sizes available (1/2” – 2”)