HDPE, Inc. was founded in December of 2007 by John Bragg and Marc Hazell, who together have over 30 years experience in the wholesale distribution business supporting power production, marine, mining, municipal, industrial, agricultural, and irrigation markets.

HDPE Inc.’s philosophy is based on a commitment to long-term relationships with our satisfied customers and valued suppliers. HDPE, Inc. personalized service to ensure that all transactions are handled efficiently, accurately and on time. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with great service and quality products at a competitive price.

HDPE, Inc. is committed to providing extraordinary, personal service to each customer, no matter how small or large the project. We pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations, providing the best products and service, and our commitment to treat your project like it was ours.

HDPE, Inc. is proud to have a highly dedicated, educated, and professional staff who shares our commitment to our customers. When you contact HDPE, Inc., you get product specialists who have extensive knowledge of products, system design and installation each and every time.

HDPE, Inc. has facilities in Mulberry, FL and Aurora, NC. Our Florida warehouses, fabrication shops feature yards for storing pipe, custom fabrications and other supplies. We currently stock pipe and fittings up to 48″. In addition, we provide butt fusion and electrofusion equipment from Connectra and McElroy Manufacturing and we specialize in technical support.

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Saltwater Condenser

Case Study: Salt Water Condenser

A Florida power plant employed a salt water condenser system made from PVC pipe. Because of the extreme UV environment, the system became inefficient at most couplings and joints due to leaking, cracking and high maintenance costs.

The solution was to replace the entire condenser system with HDPE pipe and components. The ability to weld all pipe and fitting joints allowed the integrity of the entire system to be far superior to the previous glued PVC system.

Most importantly, HDPE pipe’s resistance to UV proved to be a superior material for this unique environment. The ease of use plus the low material cost was a factor in determining a high return on investment with HDPE.

The ability to join HDPE to other materials proved to be a time and cost savings for the customer. With HDPE, the leakage due to previous bad fittings and abrasion was eliminated immediately. The total return on investment was also greatly improved when the longevity and near-maintenance-free feature of HDPE was considered. HDPE proved itself to this customer and to the power industry as a material of choice for replacing worn and outdated condenser systems.

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