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Case Study: Golf Course Irrigation

A new resort golf course installation in the Caribbean looked to engineers and contractors for a solution that was resistant to the corrosive environment and provided a near-maintenance-free solution. Because the region is also short on HDPE-experienced technicians and installers, they were looking for a solution that would provide both assistance and training to the technicians during the installation.

The contractor chose HDPE, Inc. as a total-solution provider for all materials, equipment, field expertise and on-the-job training. The project was extensive, requiring long, seamless runs.HDPE, Inc. brought an expertise to the project that reduced the time, materials and effort required compared to traditional PVC installations.

With the project recently completed, the resort owners realized an immediate cost savings for their facility compared to other resorts in the islands. The minimal impact to the environment, plus the ease of maintenance and the long life span of the material made HDPE a material of choice for this resort owner.

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