HDPE Services


HDPE, Inc. has years of experience in the custom design, engineering and fabrication of specialty HDPE products for projects of all sizes and scopes. The ability to build and install custom high-density polyethylene piping fittings and systems are core strengths of HDPE, Inc. Our certified factory-trained technicians are knowledgeable in fusion techniques and can provide solutions that meet your project’s needs.

It is not uncommon for HDPE projects to require custom fabricated fittings, components or structures to meet unique design specifications. However, customization also creates a design and installation complexity that requires an experienced team of designers and installers.

Our team of product specialists and industry-qualified field technicians can show you ways to use HDPE pipe and fittings to save you time and money.

To learn more about HDPE fabrication services, contact a product specialist today.

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Below are some examples of HDPE fabrication projects that range from specialty HDPE pipe components to large-scale HDPE specialty components.

Case Study: Adding an Outlet to an Existing System

A major water treatment facility needed to add secondary outlet to one of their high pressure feed lines. Engineers looked for a solution that would minimize downtime during the installation.

HDPE Inc. product specialists worked with plant engineers to design a new high-pressure outlet that fed the new service line. The solution was to first install the new manifolds and service lines, then complete the project by installing the outlets once the entire system was shut down in depressurized. This is minimized overall plant downtime and created a safer more effective working solution for field technicians.

HDPE Inc. exceeded the client’s expectations and provided a superior solution at a fraction of the cost of using traditional pipe materials. Installation and planting downtime were¬†held to a minimum, which contributed to a negligible loss of service for the processing plant.

Why Use HDPE?