HDPE Field Services


Pipe systems are generally under a tremendous amount of pressure and stress. And mistakes can be devastating to everyone involved with a project. Proper installation and quality welding are critical to the project’s long-term performance and return on investment. HDPE, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to help you through all aspects of material handling, component selection, system planning and component welding.

HDPE, Inc. industry-qualified technicians will also help you organize and plan the jobsite setup, providing layout and planning of the system installation procedures. And when the project is completed, HDPE, Inc. can provide hydrostatic testing of the entire system to assure all connections are sound and the system is functioning as planned.

HDPE, Inc. has the knowledge, experience and equipment to provide superior field services for projects of all sizes and scopes. Let us get in the trenches with you to make your project a success.

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Below are some examples of HDPE, Inc. field service projects that range from small diameter HDPE pipe systems to large diameter HDPE pipe installations.

Case Study: Blend Tank Relocation

A major gypsum company experienced a breach in a gyp stack, which flooded their blend tank and pumping system. Because of this breach, the tank, pumps, electrical system and all piping had to be relocated and re-commissioned within a limited amount of time to avoid a plant shutdown.

HDPE, Inc. was given the responsibility of relocating and installing the piping system. Items ranging from 4″ to 34″ that either needed replacement or repairs were identified. The HDPE, Inc. shop team fabricated the multitudes of fittings, and then quickly mobilized the equipment, tooling, manpower and materials to the jobsite in record time. Then, the HDPE, Inc. field team began the installation process which involved excavation as well as elevated piping and ditch crossings for 13 separate pipelines..¬†

HDPE, Inc. worked closely with the project team and engineer to secure a newly constructed and improved blend system. The project was completed and commissioned on time, with no quality or safety issues..

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