Engineers and contractors recognize high-density polyethylene as the best product for irrigation applications. Because of the unique characteristics, HDPE,Inc. offers significant long-term cost savings plus a strength factor that prevents typical repair issues such as leakage and breakage.

Sections of pipe are heat fused to eliminate potential leak points while maintaining the most profound characteristic of HDPE – flexibility. Pipe runs can be configured to meet almost any design layout without additional components to make critical turns without the use of multiple fittings for directional changes. HDPE is also resistant to environmental temperature changes, load tolerances, and expanding and contracting soils. Most importantly, HDPE Pipe will not break even when water in the lines freeze.

HDPE is highly resistant to corrosion and weather, providing a potential life span reaching 100 years. Its lightweight and flexibility make installation easier than traditional materials. Its high-strength walls give it the highest PE pressure rating, outstanding resistance to SCG and increased resistance to rapid crack propagation.

These features and more make HDPE a superior choice over steel or ductile iron pipe for irrigation projects.

HDPE, Inc. offers expertise in the design, specification and installation of residential/commercial, agricultural, water management and golf course irrigation systems. We will work with you to assure your project is fully functioning and running smoothly. We have inventory in stock specifically for this market to ensure that you are never short of what you need to keep your project on schedule.

Case Study: Municipal Water Supply System

A municipal water system designed for the Turks and Caicos specified a full HDPE system. After considering the costs and maintenance issues with traditional materials in this demanding Caribbean environment, engineers easily saw the benefits and return on investment with using HDPE pipe and fittings.

HDPE, Inc. provided the expertise in both installation and training of the contractors who were not experienced in working with HDPE pipe. HDPE, Inc. created seamless runs adjacent to the affected areas with minimal disruption to surrounding traffic and businesses, using horizontal boring techniques to tunnel beneath roadways. The final joining of the new system to the existing system was accomplished in a fraction of the time compared to traditional pipe materials, minimizing the water main shutoff period.

Contractors unanimously agreed that HDPE pipe and fittings would provide numerous benefits to the project including ease of material handling, seamless welding, leak free, longevity and lower overall cost.

The water main project has proven itself an investment that will benefit the island for years to come. The ability to minimize the impact of installation, the environmental benefits of HDPE plus the reduced overall cost in the long term will be a model to follow for using HDPE pipe.

Why Use HDPE?