HDPE, Inc. brings to each project years of experience in the design, specification and installation of high-density polyethylene pipe systems and custom-fabricated components for a variety of marketplace applications. HDPE, Inc. offers many services including the layout and planning of an HDPE system, plus the jobsite logistical planning and field installation experience that technicians, contractors, engineers and customers agree is second to none.

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Industrial Markets

High density polyethylene is the material of choice by engineers and contractors for an ever-growing number of industrial applications. HDPE, Inc. brings years of experience in providing HDPE pipe for applications including power production, chemical plants and mining applications.

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Muicipal Markets

HDPE pipe and fittings provide superior corrosion resistance and flexibility for applications including industrial transmission systems for potable water, sewer, drain, mining, irrigation, and reclaimed water. HDPE, Inc. product specialists can provide extensive knowledge and experience in municipal applications including water and wastewater transmission.

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Environmental Markets

Engineers throughout the world recognize that high-density polyethylene has the right combination of attributes that make it perfect for Environmental applications. HDPE provides superior flexibility, high load tolerances, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance and is a material of choice for landfill and environmental impact applications.

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Irrigation Markets

Because of the unique characteristics of HDPE pipe and fittings, systems using this material cost significantly less to maintain over the long term and provide a higher ROI compared to traditional materials. The excellent ESCR and UV stability rating of high-density polyethylene pipes are superior to PVC and other materials found in outdoor applications. Lower fluid flow friction of HDPE pipes even offers a power consumption savings to end users such as farmers and property owners.

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Mechanical/HVAC Markets

HDPE pipe and fittings have had a major impact on HVAC applications due to the material’s flexibility, strength and ease of use. Applications include ductwork systems, transmission lines and geothermal HVAC systems, for which high-density polyethylene pipe is a material of choice by engineers.

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Marine Markets

Marina owners and contractors are more and more realizing the cost benefits of converting older, less stable dock systems with high-density polyethylene pontoon docks. With superior performance, ease of use and cost savings over traditional dock materials, HDPE is quickly becoming the material of choice for new and replacement dock systems.

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Case Study: Phosphate Mine Slurry System

A South Florida phosphate mining corporation wanted to run a new series of slurry pipelines. However, the severe nature, temperature and abrasiveness of slurry meant that traditional pipe materials would not withstand the wear and tear on the system, especially at critical junctions and bends.

Engineers worked with HDPE, Inc. product specialists to design a network of new slurry pipelines using HDPE pipe and fittings. Because of high density polyethylene’s ability to resist abrasion, specialty HDPE pipe and fittings that utilize massive of reinforcement at critical stress concentration zones were implemented to overcome the massive abrasion typical in the phosphate industry

HDPE, Inc. Field technicians were able to run the new seamless lines and Weld the specialty fittings, bringing the entire project to completion ahead of schedule. Using the specialty HDPE pipe and fittings will increase lifetime expectancy of this piping system by greatly cutting down the wear and tear from the phosphate slurry.

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