HDPE products are having a major impact on HVAC applications due to the material’s lower cost, flexibility, strength and ease of use. High-density polyethylene applications include chilled water transmission, ductwork systems, and geothermal HVAC systems, for which HDPE pipe is a material of choice by engineers.


Chilled Water Transmission

HDPE pipe systems are proving their value in chilled water transmission because of their low cost, ease of use and flexibility.

Because of HDPE’s ability to withstand temperature differences, contractors and engineers are using high-density polyethylene in their system designs for HVAC systems.

Another factor in using HDPE is the ability to directionally bore the transmission lines, minimizing the environmental impact of installation while providing a tremendous cost savings.


Plastic ductwork systems

Plastic ductwork systems are durable, non-corrosive, water- and air-tight ductwork and fittings that can be installed subsurface in slab-on-grade applications. They are easy to install, and don’t require any special tools or equipment.

While plastic ductwork systems are energy efficient, energy savings are maximized only when used in cooling climates, when it is not feasible to install the ductwork in conditioned space.

Plastic ductwork systems are best suited for underground applications due to their resistance to rust and other forms of corrosion.


Geothermal Exchange

Geothermal exchange is a clean energy method of heating and cooling commercial and residential buildings.  In simplest terms, HDPE pipe is buried in the ground, allowing heat transfer between the fluid in the pipe and the earth.

The fluid in the piping is warmed in the winter and cooled in the summer.  The system consists of buried HDPE pipe, a heat pump, and air distribution system.

Case Study: Water Transmission Line

An expansion to a Florida Sheriff office complex required a solution that featured an ease-of-installation due to the unique location of the transmission lines. The engineers looked for a solution that provided long-term lifespan plus a cost savings over other pipe system materials.

HDPE, Inc.
was contracted to provide the expertise needed for the fabrication of this unique installation. Although this was new construction, the long pipe runs required a configuration of unusual complexity and design. HDPE, Inc. provided the expertise in configuring the system design, a custom solution for welding the components, job training and supervision of the contractor’s technicians.

Because the design and existing conditions required the pipe system to be constructed in a non-typical manner, HDPE, Inc. was able to provide the expertise in solving this complex installation in a cost-effective and time-savings manner. The system was completed and integrated into the HVAC main components with minimal effort, thanks to the planning and field supervision of HDPE, Inc.

Why Use HDPE?