Seminole Heights Wastewater Overflow

This overflow project directed rainwater to a local lake and prevented stormwater overflow to neighborhoods.

It is not uncommon for HDPE projects to require custom fabricated fittings, components or structures to meet unique design specifications. However, customization also creates a design and installation complexity that requires an experienced team of designers and installers.
Our team of product specialists and industry-qualified field technicians can show you ways to use HDPE pipe and fittings to save you time and money.
HDPE, Inc. has years of experience in the custom design, engineering and fabrication of specialty products for projects of all sizes and scopes. The ability to build and install custom piping fittings and systems are core strengths of HDPE, Inc. Our certified factory-trained technicians are knowledgeable in fusion techniques and can provide solutions that meet your project’s needs.



HDPE pipe meets the highest industrial and environmental standards today while offering tremendous long-term value to your customers. Learn more about HDPE pipe sizes and configurations.  Contact a Specialist …