In today’s pipe industry, engineers, installers, and environmentalists agree HDPE pipe is a superior choice for developing a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly infrastructure.

From its low energy footprint, to its ease of use, to its superior joint integrity, to the short and long term economic advantages, there is no other material that can match the performance and versatility of high-density polyethylene pipe.

HDPE pipe has proven to be the pipe of choice in many industrial applications because of its non-conductivity, extreme strength, durability, flexibility and resistance to chemicals and corrosion. These qualities of high-density polyethylene offer engineers and contractors a significant design and installation advantages over traditional pipe materials.

Sustainability, service life, and lifetime costs – HDPE pipe and fittings meet the highest industrial and environmental standards today while offering tremendous long-term value to your customers.

Corrugated Pipe System
HDPE Pressure Pipe

HDPE Pressure Pipe

mdpe pressure pipe

MDPE Pressure Pipe

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